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Wiesbadener Kurier


Thai Banyan has reopened for vaccinated or recovered customers - 2G Regulation.


We look forward to cordially welcoming you in our authentic Thai restaurant.


Restaurant & Food to Go – not Holidays
Mon. to Fri. – 12:00 to 15:00 Hours & 17:30 to 22:00 Hours
Sat. – 17:00 to 22:00 Hours
Last Order 21:30 Hours
Sun. - closed


Thai Banyan Restaurant will remain closed this week. Reopening on Mon. 13 Dec.

Our Thai Banyan

Our Thai Banyan Cooking School, Wiesbaden - Canceled

Due to logistical reasons our cooking classes have been canceled.
We are sincerely sorry for any disappointments.

Cold Drinks

  • Coca Cola: Farbstoff, Süßstoff, Koffein
  • Coca Coloa Light: Farbstoff, Süßstoff, Koffein


  • TOM KHA PHAK: Konservierungsstoff
  • TOM KHA GAI: Konservierungsstoff
  • TOM KHA GOONG: Konservierungsstoff

Curry Dishes

  • GAENG PHED: Konservierungsstoff
  • GAENG KIOWAAN: Konservierungsstoff
  • PANAENG: Konservierungsstoff
  • GAENG GARI: Konservierungsstoff
  • GAENG KOUR: Konservierungsstoff
  • GAENG MATSAMAN: Konservierungsstoff
  • PRARAM LONG SONG: Konservierungsstoff


  • CHU CHI PLAA: Konservierungsstoff

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